Zombie Bears Night Shooting

    Zombie Bears Night Shooting

    Zombie Bears Night Shooting

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    Game description

    Zombies walk amongst us! You are among the few survivors of a pandemic infection. The zombie armageddon started after a researcher dropped

    a vial of virus in a secret laboratory. In spite of military lockdown, in a few hours the zombie infection break out reached the outside and now the living dead are increasing, hunting people to feed themselves. As an elite marksman sniper you have experience in shooting variety and you were trained in military method for turmoil, action and survival war video games. This could be your last day on Earth so leaving your shelter and developing into a Zombie Hunter is your only wish for survival in this zombie apocalypse. FPS survival gameplay: In this FPS game you require to choose the very best sniper rifle, load bullets, shoot to open fire and hound all the zombies in your method. Protect powerless victims in this zombies armageddon by shooting undeads prior to they change too! Stock up your sniper armory and be the best zombie hunter, select and up

    Release date: 4 June 2023 , Platform: Web browser

    961 played times

    Classification: kizi10 » Adventure

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    --- language is new so need to test your skills good night test again

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