Bazooka Boy

    Bazooka Boy

    shooting shooting physics physics gun gun

    Game Description

    The enemy has assaulted your haven! They took what you valued most, your princess.
    To rescue her, you'll need to use your formidable weaponry and fast wits and solve challenging riddles to take out destructive foes and destroy enemy bases. Send your foes flying, demolish their bases, and smash their structures with your new canon super weapon.

    Controls are straightforward to pick up and use in this Bazooka Boy Adventure.
    Look for a hole in the opposition's defences, focus your fire there, and blow it to smithereens! Or you could smack it with one of the powerful missiles.
    On the other hand! Attacks by stickmen may be devastating. They're armed to the teeth with bows, spears, swords, and cannons. And they will assault you! As you try to rescue the riches from the hands of villainous swordsmen, precise archers, and gigantic giants, they will do all in their power to thwart your efforts.

    Engage in the thrilling gameplay and blow out opposing strongholds. Win against all stick figures!
    To rescue the princess, you must use formidable weaponry.

    The game offers more than just the chance to prove your mettle and daring; it also includes the following:

    EXCITING LEVELS TO DESTROY AND FINISH! Devastation and 2D physics will feel genuine.
    Bazooka Hyper will attack you in this 2D game. I repeat: take care!
    Your character has access to ten different cannons, each of which is spectacular in its own right. Each of them uses a different kind of ammo. 
    As for the SKILLS, there are ten of them, and they're all quite potent, allowing you to do massive damage to your stick foes.
    Protect yourself with the appropriate safety gear. Particular pieces of apparatus possess exceptional qualities.
     The adversaries won't only use their weaponry against you; they'll also attempt several other devices.
    Graphics are top-notch and colourful, complementing the devastating might of your guns wonderfully.

    It's completely free to play here! Without an internet connection, you may play this Doodieman Bazooka!

    Work is being done to update. Send us your feedback on how we can make the game more enjoyable, and we will read every word.

    Release Date: 5 February 2023 , Platform: Web browser,

    54 played times

    Category: Clicker

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