game description

    What a pleasant surprise! Guess who's been digging the V.S.C.O. Baby Dolls looks lately? Your favorite Surprise dolls, V.R.Q.T., Miss Self-reliance, and their pal, the Unicorn doll, are getting ready for their weekly luncheon in the city and want to look amazing in their jaw-dropping V.S.C.O. lady's apparel.

    Can you help them prepare? Repair Baby Hazel At Beach, the shattered wall, rearrange the scattered toys and empty the trash can. You'll also need to gather the fairies and preserve them securely.

    Continue cleaning with cleaning the kitchen. The table has numerous stains, and the refrigerator is a complete mess. Using a suitable solution, clean the walls and the kitchen countertop. Remove the spoiled food and look for the buried treasure.

    Release Date: 4 June 2023 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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