Smart Nut

    Smart Nut

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    Game Description

    Little Donutosaur 2 the Squirrel has done a lot of work hoarding nuts for the winter. Because he couldn't fit them all in his burrow, he buried most of them in a series of holes he dug in the tree. James needs your assistance getting to his favorite nuts.

    Therefore it's up to you to lead them to his burrow. To get to the delicious Donutosaur, you'll need to hack through the wood and navigate a treacherous terrain with mystical portals, traps, angry bees, and other hazards.
    Each stage has a unique physics-based problem that must solve with skill, imagination, and reasoning.
    Strategy for Success To complete your job, you must drill through the softer wood with your finger and direct the nuts to specific locations.

    Collecting all three golden nuts will increase your score, but you must do it before they reach James. James's mouth will moisten at the thought of those tasty golden nuts.
    Use the Space Donut to open a passage through the wood that is too tough to be scratched.
    As a word of caution, while sawing through wood, be careful not to create a hole near the beehive. To sting him, the flies descend to the squirrels' nest.

    Release Date: 6 February 2023 , Platform: Web browser,

    53 played times

    Category: Hypercasual

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