Red Ball Forever 2

    Red Ball Forever 2

    Red Ball Forever 2

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    Game description

    Red Ball Forever 2 is a thrilling Platformer in which you must speed through the levels collecting rare items and destroying evil enemies. The animals have infiltrated the exquisite realm where the RedBall kingdom has peacefully resided for ages.

    Upon entering the realm, the tribe took The Secrets, symbolizing the most potent power source in the kingdom.

    Warn everyone! The wicked square minions have returned and are wreaking havoc everywhere.

    The world needs the Colored Circle 2 Incredible Jumping Heroes! Run, Roll, Dodge, and Dash your way through an exhilarating Red Ball never-ending running experience. The evil minions aim to mold the Earth into a square.

    Release date: 5 June 2023 , Platform: Web browser

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