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    Enjoy a fantastic Cube Battle Royale game with fun gameplay and enticing objectives by playing for FREE! Enjoy a relaxed time pressing and bursting all the blocks as you go on a brand-new incredible journey.

    To explore and clean the board, match and smash two or more consecutive cubes with the same color. Download it to enjoy hundreds of colorful, toy-filled, and fun-boosting puzzle levels. As you burst and pop objects and create unique combinations to gain spectacular prizes, put your matching abilities to the test.

    Tap the colored toon bricks to collapse them - Gather the crystals to get presents and boosts
    Plan your actions and use crashes to get past the hurdles. - Achieve the objectives given out at the start of each stage.
    - To win, clear the ground and gather the toys.

    Fantastic Paradise Cube game with amazing challenges and infinite fun
    - There are many addicting levels to complete!
    Playing the cube rush game is simple and enjoyable. You may use strong boosters to assist you in going through the stages.
    You may play at any moment online or offline without worrying about Wi-Fi or an internet connection. Gorgeous visuals and effects

    Enjoy a fun Cube Mania of soccer!
    Every level has a limited number of movements, so it's up to your thumbs to use them wisely to blast numerous colored blocks and accomplish the level objective.

     Acquire incredible boosters to help you smash cubes and complete levels:
    To get a rocket, match, burst, and explode five or six tiles.
    To obtain a bomb, match, pop, and shatter seven or eight blocks.
    You must match, smash, and pop nine cubes to get a color wheel.

    Combine boosts for greater effects to solve the greatest match game quickly! Play the 3D free version of Cube Rush Adventure to hone your logical thinking and train your thinking to solve mind-bending problems.

    Release Date: 6 February 2023 , Platform: Web browser,

    52 played times

    Category: Hypercasual

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