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    Bored of all the video games you played? Are you tired of tapping with your fingers? Stop playing these orthodox video games. Due to the fact that the only task for you is to tilt your gadget, Bunge Jungle is here for you to keep you off from the tension of tapping! Crazy video game mechanics are here for you to attempt! Bunge Jungle is here for you to keep the tension of tapping away! The only job for you in this insane video game, which includes leaping from platform to platform while preventing barriers by tilting your gadget, is simply that: dive. What are you waiting for? Provide Bunge Jungle a shot and see how it's various from all those other video games with conventional touch controls! Enjoyable, casual video game that does not need tapping to leap. Rather the only thing you need to do is tilt your gadget in order for the character on screen to leap. The objective of this video game is simply 2 things - prevent challenges and acquire points by leaping through platforms put arbitrarily all over the map's surface. This action-packed platforming experience will keep gamers captivated for hours with its easy mechanics and continuously enjoyable video game play! Dive along the platforms in this casual video game to get points. The only job is tilting your gadget! Do not hesitate to get on barriers for more points, however take care not to fall off the edge of a platform! Bunge Jungle is addicting and simple with timeless vertical-scrolling video game play that you will not wish to put down. This may sound too easy, however, think it or not, this one-tap gameplay will keep you hooked on to the screen for hours at a time. It's so addicting that we can't even put it below our hand due to the fact that when you begin playing - there's no going back. You have actually been cautioned! What are you waiting for? Anybody who has actually wearied of the timeless, tap-based video game play that is frequently discovered in mobile video games will discover a revitalizing modification with Bunge Jungle. The video game needs absolutely nothing however tilting your gadget to leap and move from platform to platform with no requirement for tapping on screens or buttons. It's a casual, addicting and basic experience developed for player trying to find some fast action! Trying to find an addictive video game? Let's play this casual and easy platform. The only thing you need to do is tilt your gadget to leap. You are not tapping any longer, simply tilting! Crazy mechanics await you in the video game so do not hesitate to attempt it out! It's an essential casual vertical scrolling video game that will keep you playing without getting bored quickly. Keep your fingers hectic while you remain amused! Bunge Jungle is a Casual, Addictive and easy Platformer that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Delight in mad video game mechanics with insane dives with no tapping needed! Bunge Jungle Features: Tilt your gadget to move the hero! Dive over barriers to get points and survive in this thrilling video game! Bunge Jungle uses unlimited platforming action with special game-play mechanics for any ages, so the entire household can enjoy it It's a totally brand-new method to play video games since you do not even require fingers any longer Simple video game mechanics that are simple to find out Avoid the barriers for more points! Unlimited dive to keep you amused all day Crazy video game mechanics with various challenges Bunge Jungle is touchless, so you can play it anywhere No requirement to tap any longer! All you need to do is tilt your gadget We recommend killer dopamine loops. Bunge Jungle supplies continuously leaping action without any breaks in between A video game that's created to keep you off the tension of tapping Allows for innovative control over video game have fun with an ingenious, mobile particular style Lowers your tension levels by making it possible to play utilizing just one finger (tilting) to manage motion Endless action and experience, without the tapping! Keep your fingers hectic while you remain captivated! Bunge Jungle is a Casual, Addictive and basic Platformed that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Take pleasure in mad video game mechanics with insane dives with no tapping needed! Dive along, get points and get high ratings in this Endless Action Game.

    Release Date: 28 January 2023 , Platform: Web browser,

    254 played times

    Category: Hypercasual

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