Sweety Mania

    Sweety Mania

    Sweety Mania

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    Game description

    With each successful match, you'll come closer to completing the level's objectives, listed at the top of your screen. But there's a twist – you're racing against the clock, with just 2 minutes to clear each stage. Can you outsmart the timer and claim the title of Sweety Mania champion?

     From the sticky, sweet memory game levels that test your recall to the hypercasual game stages that transport you to confectionary landscapes, there's always something new to excite your taste buds and test your puzzle-solving skills. And for those who crave a bit of competition, Sweety Mania offers online leaderboards where you can compare scores and compete with friends or players from around the globe.

    The game's vibrant graphics and catchy soundtrack add to the immersive experience, making each session as enjoyable as it is challenging. Whether you're a seasoned Match-3 veteran or new to the genre, Sweety Mania offers a sweet escape into a world where strategy and speed are crucial to victory.

    Ready to indulge in the sweetest adventure? Whether tapping away on your phone or clicking through levels on your computer, Sweet Candy Hexa Puzzle is an excellent tournament to satisfy your gaming passions.

    Release date: 20 March 2024 , Platform: Web browser

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