Japan Drift Racing Car Simulator

    Japan Drift Racing Car Simulator

    Japan Drift Racing Car Simulat...

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    Game description

    The drifting mode is designed to offer you the ultimate adrenaline rush. With the space bar functioning as the handbrake, you can execute precision drifts and showcase your remarkable driving skills. Moreover, to enhance your gameplay experience, the developers have incorporated high-quality graphics, producing an impressively realistic environment.

    Each car you get to drive is a detailed 3D model, demonstrating the stunning graphics that bring every drift to life. Accompanying the superior visuals is a sound system that accurately replicates the vrooms and screeches, augmenting the immersive gaming experience. The game further allows personalizing your view with a changeable camera angle (key C), a turbo boost option (key F), headlights control (key L), and customizable direction lights (keys Q, E, Z) to ensure maximum power during your thrilling drift racing adventure. Enjoy the essence of Japanese drift racing encapsulated in this simulation, and let the drift-fueled fun begin!

    Release date: 10 June 2023 , Platform: Web browser

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