Square Sort

    Square Sort

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    Game Description

    Grid Sort is a new form of the square game. You have to drag the screen to get the blocks of the same hue to combine with the edges that correspond to them, and then you have to get free of the blocks. Once there are no more blocks to clear, this indicates that you have completed the level. Take care to finish the game within the allotted steps, and I dare you to take the challenge!

    This Colored Square sorting game is called Square Hoops Kind Stack - Color Sorting Puzzle. The game's object is to place all the matching colored blocks in their tube. To complete the level, you must first arrange the colored blocks into the tubes so that all of the blocks of the same color remain in the same tube. It is a 3D sorting game, also known as a ball sorting game, a stack sorting game, a sort puzzle, sort balls, multicolored balls sorting, hoop stacking, blend it 3D, color sorting, cube sorting, matching balls color, and several other names.

    Block Sort 3D is a Amazing Squares puzzle game suitable for youngsters and adults. The gameplay is straightforward but highly addictive. Because you only have a few moves available, this game is considered challenging. You may exercise your head and keep your mind fresh by playing Block Sort it 3D.

    Release Date: 29 November 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile),

    50 played times

    Category: Puzzles

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