Resident Evil 3D

    Resident Evil 3D

    Resident Evil 3D

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    game description

    Excellent opportunities This is a computer game based on a gun battle, and the player's objective in the game is to investigate the cause of the disaster by using the left effectiveness of the control, the joystick, and directional arrows to navigate their way forward and backward, as well as to the left and right.

    The game US President Escort Helicopter Parking has already achieved the target score at the beginning of the game. When you come across undead, use firearms to kill them. Naturally, shooting will attract further zombies. Wipe the right half of the screen to focus on your target.

    After you have determined the Residence of Evil Quarantine that you will instantly fire, you may proceed inside the house to look for supplies. Explore the world of the game by paying attention to the prompts provided by the video game.

    Release Date: 4 June 2023 , Platform: Web browser

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