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In case, you can not wait any longer for the weapon list, here is a little sneak peak of the weapon arsenal: for melee combat purposes use machete, king of the close range is for s [...]
Pixelman got angry after his last defeat in battle at Minicas. Now, he risen again to seek the vengeance for his loss. He gathered his former fellows, who agreed with his plan. The [...]
This time already without naughty girls and good boys. Some say, that it was too sexist... However, harsh rules have remained, moreover have been entrusted to the hands of sharper [...]
Recent reports confirmed that the aliens started invasion to our galaxy. We will have to send all our soldiers and confront them. According to unverified reports, we have the best [...]
in time and live peacefully once again? The problem is: ZOMBIES. Latest zombie apocalypse was so significant that these creatures are now in control of more than half of the planet [...]
Loopy Shooters is a first-person shooter sport the place you may have many weapons at your disposal .WASD or arrow keys to moveLeft mouse button to fireRight mouse button to aimR t [...]
Get able to enter the world with different gamers in Insurgent Forces and check your capturing abilities in a loopy fight.Options: 6 maps; three sport modes; room choices for doubl [...]
Third particular person multiplayer with choice to play in gamers vos different royale mod and workforce vs workforce. You possibly can selected any gun you need from menu or diffe [...]