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    Game Description

    Are you all set for an impressive fight? is a multiplayer dream game where you encounter monsters and other gamers to become

    the most effective hero in the server. Develop your character from hundreds of spells, weapons, and equipment, and combat your method through distinct biomes ... if you can survive in charges. Total obstacles and check out the far reaches of the map in order to earn benefits and access unique skins. Personalize your character: select from numerous spells, weapons, armor gear and stat points, along with skins and emotes. Look out for type benefits and unique weapons effects! You might get struck with a gravity ball, or knocked back by a wind katana ... Get prepared to deal with different enemies throughout changing environments; explore surprise corners of the map to get your hands on powerful products; and complete obstacles to open distinct benefits. What are you waiting on? Enter into the fight! And do not forget to invite pals ... Features: - 100+ spells across 6 magic types: Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Light, and Dark. Mind type advantages! - Various classes of melee weapons: swords, daggers, battle-axes and more to choose your own combating design. - Multi-piece armor gear throughout the knight, rogue, and wizard types! Integrate head, body, and hand pieces to improve your abilities in distinct mixes. Will you get a wizard's hat, or a knight's helmet? - Assign stat points on level-up to form your character. Build a full-blown melee tank, an elusive rogue, or an effective mage - anything you can consider. - Varied biomes to check out, each with unique enemies and altering surface. - Submit your monster journal by coming across opponents; total over a hundred challenges; and claim daily quests to open access to special skins and benefits! - Have fun with a team and work together to take down effective managers.

    Release Date: 26 March 2023 , Platform: Web browser,

    394 played times

    Category: Multiplayer

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