Dune Surfer 3d

    Dune Surfer 3d

    action action arcade arcade adventure adventure ball ball

    Game Description

    It's a ball. it's a stickman ... it's a dune surfer! Go from ball, to stickman, to ball, to stickman as you draw, browse and move your escape of the dunes,

    dune surfer stickman guy! You're just a bad stickman dune web surfer, lost in the vibrant, yet deadly dunes. Draw, browse and slide to go out. When you're in the air, you're a ball, when you browse, you're a stickman. Who cares what you are ... just make sure you do not crash! See out for rolling stones, darts, sharks, alligators, and more (do NOT crash into them!) as you surf, slide extract of the dunes to security. Touching white challenges will eliminate your bad stickman soul immediately. Other colored barriers? Touch them and see. (Worst case = death.) Dune speed bumps will safeguard you, stickman. But just a lot. As you draw, surf and slide, draw best lines that will save you from sinking into the unlimited depths of the dune despair. All the best, dune surfer stickman ball ... you'll require it.

    Release Date: 24 March 2023 , Platform: Web browser,

    596 played times

    Category: Arcade

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